Coastline text editor ver.1.14.1 for Android

A new Costline has been released. What’s new:
– Fixed a bug with multiple permissions request on Android 6
– Improved the dialog, which appears when you try to exit the app with unsaved file

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Coastline – a minimalist Text Editor for Android

Coastline text editor

Coastline is a simple and minimalist text file editor and notepad application. Handy and fast text editor with wich you can create, edit and save plain text files.

The text editor supports only Unicode. If you want to use old Windows-specific codepages (like CP1252 or CP1251), the app won’t suit you. Just try to find another editor.

• Beautiful flat design, Android 5 support
• Changing font face and font size
• Changing line height
• Autosave: save your file once and other changes will be saved automatically
• Built-in simple file explorer
• Automatic extension
• Remembering last opened file
• “Keep screen on” feature
• Sharing a text in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, etc.) and other applications
• Support both smartphones and tablets

Supported interface languages:
– English
– Russian
– German